We cover all aspects of tiling, from small projects to larger commercial ones finished to the highest standards.

Mechanical Fixation Stone and Ceramic
As specialists in mechanical fixation, we pay attention to the smallest of details in order to make sure the operation is flawless. Whether it is Stone or Ceramic, the outcome will be satisfying to our customers.
Bazalt and Turkish Stone Trading
Ballout Contracting and Trading is a direct importer and distributor of Marble and Turkish Stone in the region. Our selection meets the high standards and satisfies the requirements of the entire industry from factories and contractors, to designers and architects.
Floor and Wall tiling
Ballout Contracting and Trading can successfully provide the fitting operation for any floor and wall tiles that you choose. From working safely and tidily through to exceptional planning and scheduling, concentration, precision, accuracy and attention to detail to achieve an excellent finish, guaranteeing the final result will fit both your taste and your home’s design.
Entranceway tiling
The entryway to your project should welcome people like open arms. We will create a great visual impact for your entrance by designing and executing any available design.
Bathroom tiling
Whether you’re looking to dramatically renovate your bathroom or just want a small refresh, by choosing from our wide variety of tiling materials and color options, we will help you create the most eye pleasant experience.
Swimming pool tiling
Whether you want a calming effect or a vibrant one for your place of relaxation, our team will make it happen. We can create any effect or finish you may want, so you can have the most elite custom pool.
Outdoor terrace tiling
We build ideas suitable for any type of outdoor solution. No matter the purpose, our team will help you create a distinguished area by adding beautiful external tiles.
Preparation of surfaces
Being the perfectionist we are, we don't tolerate even the slightest error. In order to assure the best results, we process and even all kind of surfaces in order to set up an ideal base for tiling.
Grout repair and removal
Old or damaged grout uglifies the most beautiful tiles. We do all kind of ground processing like repair, seal and recolor in order to assure that your tiles are always eye pleasant and safe.
Porcelain tiling
We install porcelaine tiles for all kinf of projects because of its advanced durability and moisture resistance. Porcelain withstands heavy foot traffic, is impenetrable to water and stains, and holds up to extreme temperatures beautifully.
Natural stone tiling (Granite, Limestone, Basalt, Slate)
We offer a wide selection of finest quality natural stone tiles. No matter what the project type is, make a unique style statement and add a touch of luxury using our experience in natural stone tiling.
Marble stone tiling
We help you make a statement that will last an eternity by using marble. Give your project a timeless and elegant appeal with many marble styles that you can choose from.
Under floor heating
Our professional team will install underfloor heating systems under all floor finishes, in order to provide you with an aesthetic and an economic system that can heat full household or a single room based on your needs.